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Surat is one of the oldest city of Gujarat . Surat has been a thriving focal point of worldwide trade since the fourteenth century. It is believed to have been established by a Brahmin named Gopi, who rose to the position of prime minister under the sultanate of Gujarat , the curve shaped city is deliberately located on the southern bank of stream Tapi, around 20 km from the Middle Eastern ocean.

Surat was the main port of the mughal realm and has been famous for its fine silks, dazzling brocades and its trade in spices. The distinction of its spices and textiles attracted the dealers from over the oceans, among them the portuguese, the dutch and the english who set up trading ports on the coast, making surat one of the most prosperous of india's urban areas in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The fluctuated impacts are reflected in the appearance of present day Surat. Rich mosques, pilgrim - type houses, cut jain temples and old wharfs on the river tapi-all give surat its own remarkable character. Today, it is one the world's top notch diamond cutting and polishing centres.


This is a town situated in navsari region of Gujarat , on the shore of the Middle Eastern ocean. It shot into overall unmistakable quality, when mahatma Gandhi chose it to be the spot for the salt walk which he initiated on walk 12, 1930. He walked from ahmedabad to dandi with a portion of his adherents to challenge the inconvenience of an expense on salt. A large number of individuals took an interest and voyaged consistently by walking for 24 days.

The route for dandi walk is from the beginning stage ( sabarmati ashram) and carries on towards, Aslall - Naagam - Matar - Nadlad (Sataram temple) - Anand - Borsad - Kanakpura - Karell - Ankahi - Amod - Samine - Dehrol - Ankleshwar - Mangrol - Umarchh - Bhaktam - Delad - Surat - Vaz - Navsari - Mewat - (Dandi) finishing point, which the administration would now set out as the ' Heritage Path’. From 1931 to 1948, he frequently went on quick unto passing and furthermore voyaged broadly. His voice requesting that the britishers quit India was reverberated by 300 million of his comrades and arrived at a crescendo. Across the board fight walks everywhere throughout the nation during which the individuals overcame the downpour of lathis and showers of slugs at last persuaded the britishers that the opportunity had now wanted them to leave India. On 30th January 1948, as he was coming out after finishing his prayer, this witness of harmony and peacefulness was shot dead and his final words were 'Hey Ram'.

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Chintamani Jain Temple

This temple was built during the rule of head aurangzeb toward the finish of the seventeenth century. It has a basic outside however the insides are surprisingly made with fine mastery. Created with fine expertise. The wonderful vegetable color artworks of acharya hemchandra (a jain evangelist) and ruler kumarpala spread the wooden columns that lead up to cut sections.

Dumas Beach

This is one of the most celebrated sea shores of surat and what makes it remarkable is its solitary dark sand which prompts the blue salty waters and sky. Being a most loved place of interest, it harbors a stretch of local food joints that make for a satisfying trip on a dazzling night.

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Parsi Agyari (Fire Temple)

Surat has been the headquartes for the parsi network since the soonest days of their settlement in india. Udvada, just 10 km north of vapi, the station for daman, has the most seasoned parsi hallowed fire in india. It is said that the fire was brought from persia to diu, on the opposite shore of the cambay in 700 AD. Sanjan is located on the extreme south of the state and is the little port where the parsis originally landed. A pillar marks the spot that just parsis are permitted there.



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