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Porbandar also well known by the name of White city, is located on the western shore of saurashtra, Gujarat , is the harbor city of porbandar, also called the origin of Gandhi – the Father of the country. Very poor yet self-regarded sudama and krishna's companionship brings tears of satisfaction, when recalled.

The jethwa rajput named it their capital and administered it from 1200 years. Porbandar is regularly called "white city" for the white nearby stone is utilized for neighborhood development. The name porbandar is derived from the blend of two words: porai – local goddess and bandar implies port, which comes to porbandar.

Sudama Temple

In regard to the beloved companion of ruler krishna, this temple was developed somewhere in the range of 1902 and 1907. It is said that assets were depleted while this temple was being built and the individuals of sudamapuri. This is a well known place of interest in Gujarat . The place of worship marks where sudama's cabin once stood and is the main temple devoted to him in india.

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Sandipani Ashram

It is otherwise called bhaishri's ashram. There are such a large number of exercises are going right now. School, lodging, science display are the principle exercises right now.

Kirti Mandir

Porbandar was the origination of mahatma Gandhi whose father was the head (diwan) of the decision family. The kirti mandir remembrance worked beside mahatma Gandhi's origin (1869) lies in the old walled township of porbandar. The kirti mandir's premises is a three storeyed hereditary place of Gandhi wherein the specific spot where putlibai, Gandhi's mom, had brought forth the youngster Gandhi set apart with a 'swastika'. Kirti mandir, the dedication of mahatma Gandhi was initiated, by the favorable hands of Sardar Shri Vallabhbhai Patel on 27th of may in 1950. It was worked by Shri Nanji Kalidas and Shri Purushottam Mistry. Contiguous the 165 years of age living arrangement is the 24 m high kirti mandir with 79 lights on its pinnacle, one for every time of Gandhi's life. There is kasturba dham (spouse of mahatma Gandhi) behind the kirti mandir. The kirti mandir has a remembrance of mahatma Gandhi and contains a library with books on Gandhi, a turning corridor, a kids' nursery and a dazzling supplication lobby.

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