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Patola weaving

Patan is popular for patola weaving. Salvi people group of individuals is working with patola. The sovereign of materials is the patola woven by just barely any groups of patan. The procedure used to weave the patola is the uncommon twofold ikkat style which includes coloring both the enclose strings by the example of the last textures before setting them on the loom. Patan is likewise one of the places for mushroo, textures woven as a blend of silk and cotton with the last framing the support. While in getting ready patola shading and configuration design are developed on each string. Distinctive shading and example are coordinated precisely on flat and vertical strings in weaving. The patola was customarily woven in a sari length of 5 to 9 yards by 45" to 54" width. The range currently stretches out to include tablecloth, bordered scarves, and handkerchiefs.

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Rani ki Vav, Patan Step Well

It was worked by the sovereign udaymati, the spouse of bhimdev. It is the best case of such design for water wells that is curious to Gujarat . There are awesome cut pictures in the specialties of the dividers of this multi storied step well. It was one of the biggest and the most rich structures of its sort. It became silted up and quite a bit of it isn't noticeable presently, aside from certain columns of designed boards in the roundabout piece of the well. Among its remains one column despite everything stands which is the confirmation of the style of its structure, yet in addition great case of this period. A section just of the west well is surviving from which apparently the divider had been worked of block and confronted with stone.



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