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Little Rann of Kutch / Wild Ass Sanctuary

The only place in India where you can find the wild ass is in the sanctuary of Dasada. It is spanned over an area of 4954 square feet and is considered as one the largest wildlife sanctuary in India. Here you can also spot various other wild animals in addition to the wild ass like the blue bull, Indian wolf, fox, desert fox, jackals, desert cats, hyenas and chinkara. If you want to see birds then this sanctuary is home for some variety of birds like the flamingo, ducks, cranes and pelicans. So, in all this can your destination for both wildlife and birds watching and exploring the beauty of nature. When planning your next trip to Gujarat make sure you include this place and add a great experience to your visit or simply just contact us and we will provided you a range of Gujarat wildlife tour packages that would allow you to explore your desired locations.

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Village Safari

Talking about Dasada, it is much more than just a wildlife sanctuary, as there are various countryside settlements and villages in it. When you plan a trip with us, we assure to be a complete guide and help you see the temple in tour and all the hidden extraordinary places. On your visit to Dasada we will explore you to the rural vadiara and kharapat rabaris who are known for their excellent skills of embroideries, silk weaving. At ambala village you will see the shepherds and the goatherds. In addition to this, there are other societies lie the padhars who are basically fishing people, the siddis ad semi-nomadix mirs, jaths who are muslim herders and the bajanias.



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