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Ashoka Edicts

Junagadh is an antiquated sustained city at the lower regions of girnar. Junagadh name it takes its name from old fort. The fourth century BC to the death of ashoka, junagadh was the capital of Gujarat under the buddhist mauryas afterward kashatrapas and guptas and so forth. Junagadh is notable for girnar just as per the architect.

Emperor ashoka engraved 14 stone edicts. The buddhist proclamations of ashoka, junagadh most popular ruler remains where it was put in the third century BC. The effect of ashoka edicts to some degree damaged by a cutting edge asylum and concrete platform. The engravings are in brahmi scrpit in pali language and later included sanskrit. The 14 edicts are moral lectures while different engravings allude for the most part to repeating floods decimating the dike of a close by lake, the sudershan, which does not exist anymore. Despite the fact that its memorable certifications are undeniable, the affirmation charge appears to be somewhat steep.

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Durbar Hall Museum

Durbar hall museum takes up some portion of the previous spot of the nawabs. It has a standard presentation of weapons, silver chains, chandeliers, and palanquins. Additionally it's having a gigantic rug that was woven in prison of junagadh. Encompassing rooms contain silver elephant seats and assortments of various materials. There is a representation display of the nawabs. This is where the nawabs of past junagadh used to hold their court. Durbar hall museum likewise contain photograph of last nawab with his different beloved dogs.

Mahabat maqbara

Mahabat maqbara is one of the famous instances of indo – islamic engineering of Gujarat . It's worked for muslim rulers in the nineteenth century. This dazzling tomb of a nawab of junagadh appears to bubble out of sight. The restrictiveness of the abundance of silver at the gateways abounded with mind boggling carvings and the winding staircase encompassing the four minarets pull in a ton of travellers to its site. The onion shaped dome likewise adds to the whole excellence of the sight.

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Mount Girnar

Mount girnar is a significant journey community for both jains and hindus. The move up 10000 stones steps to the pinnacle of girnar is best beginning at dawn. The way of 5,000 unpredictable advances moves through eucalyptus timberlands. The means were worked between 1889 to 1908. The beginning of the trip is about 2km past damodar kund. The biggest and most established is the twelfth century temple of Neminath – experience the main left hand entrance after the principal entryway. There is an enormous dark picture of Neminath, the 22nd tirthankar. Continuing up you will arrive at different hindu temples. To begin with, the temple of goraknath is perched on the most noteworthy top at 600m. The next in apex is the temple of goddess amba mata which is an attraction for both hindu and jain pilgrim. On the last projection is dattatraya temple. There is a prepared stockpile of tea and scones at slows down all through the way.



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