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Purna Sanctuary

Purna wildlife sanctuary is located in the western ghats mountain range and was declared as a sanctuary in July 1990. The name is derived from the Purna river that flows through it. It has a thick forest cover of teak and bamboo. Other than this two plants, there are around 700 species of plants and trees in this sanctuary. Here you can also find wild animals like leopards, mongoose, baring deer, chital, hyena, four horned antelope and sambar. There are about 139 species of birds that live in that forest and 116 species of spiders.

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The saputara lake is surrounded by the greenery of the forest and when visited after summer when rain has turned everything back to green, it would be a great pleasure to enjoy the freshness of nature in the lake. You can also rent a row boat or paddle boat to have a memorable experience in the lake.

Sunset Point

It is a point which offers the best view of saputara and adjoining malegoan could be reached after a walk of 1.5 km in the direction of waghai. The naming restricts the tourist traffic to this best place as tourists believe that the point should only be visited at sun rise, however, one may visit it at any time of the day to catch a panoramic view. The tata consultancy services has suggested renaming this point as valley view point to enhance tourist traffic.

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Sunset Point

The sunset point gives a view of the sun setting over the dang forest providing a great aerial view the trees and the villages located in the forest. It is a mesmerizing point to see the sun get vanish in the forest and the small hills giving it a peaceful moment in the nature.

Gira Falls

When visiting Saputara, it is impossible to miss the extraordinary beautiful gira falls. The best time to visit the falls is in the between the months of June and November. It is located about 52 kms away from saputara. The fall is 30 m high and joins in the ambica river and to visit it you can hire a jeep and enjoy the surrounding.

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Rose garden

Rose garden, as the name recommends, is an astounding nursery with numerous assortment of roses. Another appealing spot in saputara, step garden has the exceptional component of a nursery set up in steps. Particularly spread out advances are embellished with lovely plants, window boxes and amidst decent woods. There is a timberland cottage for the agreeable remain of the guests, set in the midst of the nursery. The nursery is all around kept up and offer numerous assortments of blossoms and plants. Nursery has open space for youngsters to wander around. This is a pleasant spot to spend the night times from town clamor and hustle. On the means are laid excellent plants and window boxes. Another garden is lake garden on the banks of saputara lake, which is a fantastic outing spot. Every one of these gardens make saputara an excellent spot for nature lovers.

Artist Village

Saputara is a city and a slope station region in the darn region of Gujarat state in india.this pleasant slope station is roosted on a level in the darn woods territory of the sahyadri go at a height of around 1000 m. Saputara implies the 'habitation snakes' and a snake picture on the banks of the stream sarpagana is adored by the adivasis on holi. saputara has been created as an arranged slope resort with all the important enhancements like inns, parks, pools, vessel club, theaters, ropeways and an exhibition hall to guarantee a charming occasion in the cool of the slope. Saputara is just 172 km. From surat and 250 km from mumbai. Saputara will before long have its own air terminal as state government is thinking about the arrangement. Maharashtra state fringe is just 4 km away from saputara. Journeys from saputara can be made to the untamed life haven in the mahal bardipara backwoods, 60 km. From here and to gira cascades 52 km away.

This is a spot to not just observe and purchase the innate relics in plain view, yet additionally to get your hands to work. You will feel invited and enlivened to give a shot warli painting or specialty inborn items. Run by chandrakant parmar and surya goswami, it is a decent spot to find out about the way of life of this district, particularly for school gatherings. The people group likewise gives basic convenience to a truly sensible expense.



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