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Mandvi, is notable for transport building industry and clean sea shores. It situated on the banks of the rukmavati stream, only 1 kilometer away from the Arabian sea at the Gulf of kutch. The town has a charming atmosphere consistently and was a late spring retreat of kutch royals. Local brokers and dealers had made a specialty by exchanging valuable stones and fine materials. Night relaxation at sea shore is the things that anyone would love.

Vijay Vilas Palace

The royal residence was worked during rule of maharao shri khengarji III as summer resort for his child and successor, the yuvraj shri vijayaraji and is in this manner, named after him as vijaya vilas palace. The development of palace began in year in 1920 and was finished in year 1929. The royal residence is worked with red sandstone. It has all the components of rajput design and draws to a great extent on the plan of palaces of orchha and datia. The central high dome on the columns, the bengal domes on the sides, the windows with shaded glass, cut stone 'jalis', domed bastions at the corners, broadened patio and other dazzlingly stone-cut components, make the castle worth visiting. The castle is set in all around laid nurseries with water channels and marble wellsprings. The little complex windows gives one inclination to be out in open, through which cool ocean wind passes out the royal family of princely state of kutch presently dwell forever in the palace, who prior utilized it just as a mid year resort. The vijaya vilas castle has its own private sea shore and offers cooled suite rooms convenience for the sake of vijay vilas legacy resort abutted to vijay vilas royal residence. The royal residence has been utilized as the set in numerous hindi movies and has now become a mainstream vacationer goal.

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Boat Building Industry

Mandvi is acclaimed for a multi year old boat building industry and skilled worker who despite everything utilize customary systems to assemble ships for local and international customers. Later continue to bhuj, ship building industry.



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