508, Arizona Heights, Near Hotel Hyatt Regency, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Polo Forest Vijaynagar

Polo Forest Vijaynagar

Tucked Away In A Forest, There Are Secrets To Be Revealed...

An Ancient City, A Gateway To Rajasthan. A Hiding Place For Rulers, Concealed From Enemies, Citizens, Angry Wives, Even From The Sun, Tucked Between Sacred Hills On The East And West. And The Mystery Of Abandonment, Decay.

Ancient Temples, Some Still Performing Their Pujas Deep Within This Dense Jungle, Itself The Larger Temple, The Trees Themselves The Gods.

Adivasi Settlements, Their Lives Rooted In Their Connection To The Forest, From Whom You Might Learn To Listen To The Deep Hum Of The World That Envelops These Scattered Whispers Of Human Constructions...

Come. Listen. Learn. Know Your Self. You May Return To Your Homes, Your Cities, Your Roads, But The Forest Will Never Leave You.

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The Fig Trees, When In Fruit, Are Good Places To Look Out For The Endangered Grey Hornbill And Brown-Headed Barbet Who Will Come To Nibble. Grey Hornbills Can Also Be Found At A Banyan Tree Near The Campsite, When It Is Out With Its Bright Red Fruit. On Another Tree On The Other Side Of The Camp Look For Woodpeckers, And Fruit Birds And Prey Birds At The Top, Especially During A Particular Half Hour In The Afternoon (The Exact Time Of Which Changes).

Sometimes The Words Fall Short To Describe The Beauty Of Few Places, And Polo Forest Is One Such Destination. Some Odd 159 Km From Ahmedabad, There Exist A Magical Land Of Polo Forest – A Place That Helps You Forget All The Worries And Find Inner Peace. I Happened To Learn About The Forest A Couple Of Years Ago, While Researching On Gujarat Travel Places, And I Instantly Got Enamoured Of This Place. The Lush Greenery, Rolling Mountains, A Scintillating Stream, And Remnants Of Temples Made Polo Forest A Burning Desire In My Heart.

Including Polo Forest In My Second Trip Was Purely Coincidental. I Was Planning To Visit Ahmedabad And Then I Recalled Reading About Polo’s Proximity To The City. The Google Map Showed Polo Was Only 160 Km From Ahmedabad, Which Was A Sign That My Dream Of Visiting The Forest Was Finally Going To Come True. You Can Read The Detailed Description Of My Polo Forest Visit Here While Here I Share With You The Details Of How To Plan A Trip To This Gem Of A Place In Gujarat.



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