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Masjid - Mosque

Masjid - Mosque

Champaner Is 47 Kms Northwest Of Vadodara. The Unesco Listed World Heritage Site Of Champaner Is One Of Gujarat’s Most Remarkable Archaeological Zones. Champaner Is Famous For Its Exquisite Mosques, Of Which The Jama Masjid Is The Most Impressive. The Sculptural Hill Of Pavagadh With Its Ruined Fort Rises Beside Champaner In Three Levels. The 16th Century with Mosques That Is Considered Perfect Example of the Gujarat Sultanate’s Indo- Saracenic Architecture. The Mosque With In The Fortified City Is Called Sharkimasjid. It Is Noted For Its Slender Minarets With Intricately Carved Basis. The Jami Masjid Has Intricate Latticework Screens And A Magnificent Pavilion At The Entrances To The Spacious Courtyard Which Is Enclosed By Domed Galleries. The Central Dome Is Three Storeys With An Opening That Allows Light Into The Prayer Hall. The Similar Nagina Masjid Has Exquisite Sculptures On The Pillars. Pavagadh Temple Is The Site For Kali Temple.

Masjid - Mosque

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