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Lothal Is An Important Archaeological Site Was Discovered In 1954. This Site Is 85 KMS From Ahmedabad Towards To Bhavnagar. Lothal Is One Of The Most Significant Sites Of The Harappan Or Indus Valley Civilization Excavated In INDIA. The City That Stood Here 4500 Years Ago Is Clearly Related To Indus Valley Cities Of Harappa And Mohenjodaro. The Remarkable Feature Of This Ancient City Is The Dockyard, (Complex Lock Gate System) Which Had Channels Through Which Ships Could Wash From The Sea And Offload Their Cargo When The Gates Were Locked. The Town Beside The Dockyard Includes An Upper Residential Area, Probably An Acropolis As It Had Private Paved Baths, And A Lower Township Which Also Has Remains Of Factories That Produced The Famous Beads, Earthenware And Metal Ware Of The Period. The Archeological Museum Can Be Seen At The Site Displays Further Evidence Of This Well Ordered Civilization, Such As Intricate Seals, Weights And Measures, Games And Jewellery.

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