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Garacia Tribes / Gowala Tribes (Balaram / Posina)

Garacia Tribes / Gowala Tribes (Balaram / Posina)

Garacia Tribes Are Mainly Found In Sabarkantha District Of Gujarat That Is Located Around The Hills Bordering Of Gujarat And Rajasthan. These Tribes Are Primarily Farm Labour Or Sheepherders, Known For Their Unique Culture & Traditions. They Have Whitish Faces, Sharp Nose And Glittering Eyes. The Gowala And Garacia Tribes Are Second Cousins To Each Other, Differing Only In The Manner Of Living. Communities Such As Garasia, Bhils And The Pastoral Rabaris Have Settled In Poshina. The Garasia Are Known For Their Colorful Clothes, The Rabaris For Their Silver Ornaments. Pastoral People Like The Rabaris Who Keep Camels, Sheep And Goat. Poshina Is Home To A Tribal Shrine Where You Find The Staggering Scene Of Thousands Of Terracotta Horses Standing In Rows As Offerings To The Local Goddess. A Visit To The Homes Of The Potters Who Make These Striking Horses Is An Excellent Glimpse Into Tribal Culture. There Are Some Other Villages Where We Found These Communities Like Iqbalgadh, Balundra Etc.

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